SABO Art serves an international group of collectors, from new and seasoned, to private and corporate. Our approach is client-specific and collaborative, ensuring that each client receives bespoke service. We are committed to building relationships based on trust, integrity, and transparency by handling client affairs with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Our team’s expertise is built upon past experiences that have enabled us to foster relationships across the art ecosystem, giving us access to both primary and secondary market works.

We offer strategic counsel tailored to the client’s specific needs, with an eye towards building valuable collections. We advise on art of all media from every sector of the art market, from new and emerging to established and blue-chip artists.

Our advisory services include:

Research and Education
Educating our clients is at the heart of our advisory services. We break down the structures and intricacies of the art world for our clients, imparting art-historical knowledge to provide a context for contemporary African art. We organise tours of galleries, art fairs, collections, and artists’ studios both domestic and abroad. Our dedication to education equips our clients with the knowledge and confidence they need whilst navigating the art world.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the most interesting and relevant works. We strongly believe that each client is unique and their collections should reflect their vision, whilst maintaining appropriate cultural, art historical, sociopolitical, and aesthetic significance. Our goal is for each acquisition to be both a great investment and a cherished part of a client’s collection over time.

Art Integration
We offer curatorial and art integration services for clients wishing to display their collections or incorporate new pieces into their spaces. We work to ensure that artworks are displayed at the highest aesthetic level.

Collection Management
SABO Art goes to great lengths to handle all matters relating to the care of a collection. Whether you have just started collecting or you already have a large collection, we are here to help you manage your collection efficiently. From shipping and installation to framing, appraisals, exhibition loan requests, and collection archives, we work with an extensive network of professionals to ensure the best possible care for our clients’ collections. SABO Art also maintains an extensive catalogue of each work in our system, helping collectors track their collections. When clients wish to part with a work, we handle the resale process in its entirety, striving to realize the best price possible for each piece.